Omega Silversmithing Inc.
Where your history and our integrity are always preserved.  There are a few silver shops in the United States that you can entrust your treasured family heirlooms for repair or restoration. There are even fewer who have an actual silversmith to address the needs and have the expertise to retain the value and integrity of your family heirloom. Whether it is silver, silver plate, sterling, brass, copper, or bronze Tim Maple is just such a silversmith. With over 30 years of experience in the trade of restoration and conservation of fine antique silver hollowware, he will use his skills and experience to enhance the beauty and value of your item. Whether it is from the 1950’s or 1650’s your family heirloom or investment piece will be treated with the integrity and honesty that it deservers ... that you deserve. From left to right, a  Martele’ tea set by Gorham, fully restored in its original French grey finish. Next,  a fruit bowl with stand designed and created by Mr. Maple made in the late victorian style. 

Below is a centerpiece,           circa 1880’s, in deplorable condition. The corrosion was extensive, parts were missing and the quadruple plate was  worn off. Look inside for the after picture.
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